Sentinel Species



My first full length book of poetry, Sentinel Species, is now available on many online book retailers via Stubborn Mule Press. It’s a bestiary of poetry that explores human relationships with animals, plants, and the environment. Some of my previously published poems featured in the book include:

Coming Out to a Spider

The Inquisitor’s Parrots

The Falling Iguanas

A Standard Monkey Funeral on Sunset Boulevard

The Blobfish

Drought in Los Angeles

Victory Garden

A Banyan Tree

Spilt Milk

His Master’s Voice


More praise for Sentinel Species


“Wide ranging, thoughtful, intelligent, at times elegiac, surreal, and humorous, Chase Dimock’s Sentinel Species is a collection of poems that, as its title suggests, watches over the varied life forms on our planet, from animals and plants to humans. At the heart of Dimock’s project is compassion towards all beings, especially those on the fringes of society and culture. In excavating the stories of the under-represented or the forgotten, Dimock gives them voice and thus dignity. This is a beautiful, at times painful, but always inclusive, generous, and tender book.”

– Bunkong Tuon, poet and associate professor of English, Union College


“Chase Dimock’s Sentinel Species is bursting with life. The animals, insects, and plants that populate these poems–alive or dead, thriving or in decline–provide startling gateways into explorations of human existence. Dimock’s poems examine memory, culture, and the fundamental yearning that comes with being alive through a joyously dizzy array of extended metaphors and associations. These are poems that speak to the fundamental dignity of the living, and celebrate the emotional and intellectual flora and fauna of the everyday.”

-James Brubaker, author of The Taxidermist’s Catalog and Black Magic Death Sphere: (science) fictions.


“Honest, clear sighted, and masterfully written, this is a beautiful and important book which gives voice to the creatures that we love and may lose. Chase’s remarkable knowledge of endangered species is coupled with a charm, wit and inventiveness which makes this a delightful read and one which engenders empathy by showing what we share with the animal world, not least in the shape of Koko the Gorilla who asks god why she was given knuckles that drag the ground and a mind that questions the sky.

-Anna Saunders, CEO Cheltenham Poetry Festval and author of six collections including Ghosting for Beginners ( Indigo Dreams ).

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