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Saint Turing: A Few Reflections on Gay Iconography and Martyrdom on the Occasion of Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday (As It Ought To Be)

Review of Judith Halberstam’s “The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism” (Kritik)

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The Surreal Sex of Beauty: Jean Cocteau and Man Ray’s “Le Numéro Barbette” (As It Ought To Be)

Paper Dolls and The Global Heart Transplant: A Few Reflections on Martin Manalansan’s “Travels of Disaffection: Labor, Affect, and Migration” (Kritik)

Robert McAlmon’s Psychoanalyzed Girl and the Popularization of Psychoanalysis in America (As It Ought To Be)

I Was a Male Chat-bot: The Turing Test, Artificial Intelligence, and Gender Online (As It Ought To Be)

Robert McAlmon: A Lost Voice of the Lost Generation (As It Ought To Be)