Book Reviews and Interviews


My Review of Sugar Fix by Kory Wells (As It Ought To Be Magazine)

My Review of All Seats Fifty Cents by Stephen Roger Powers (As It Ought To Be Magazine)

My Review of Willingly by Marc Frazier (As It Ought To Be Magazine)

My Review of Jumping Drawbridges in Technicolor By Mike James (As It Ought To Be Magazine)

My Review of Your Daughter’s Country By John Dorsey (As It Ought To Be Magazine)

My Review of Bettyville By George Hodgman (Western American Literature)

My Review of Homosexuality is a Poem By Christopher Hennessy (Dissertation Reviews)

My Review of Camp Sites By Michael Trask (Lambda Literary)

My Review of Returning to Reims By Didier Eribon  (Lambda Literary)

My Review of ‘Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal’ By J. Jack Halberstam  (Lambda Literary)

My Review of “How To Be Gay” by David M. Halperin (Lambda Literary)

My Review of ‘The Weather in Proust’ By Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (Lambda Literary)

My Review of “Queer Opacity” By Nicholas De Villiers (Lambda Literary)

My Review of “The Deaths of the Author: Reading and Writing in Time” by Jane Gallop (Lambda Literary)

My Review of ‘The Queer Art of Failure’ by Judith Jack Halberstam (Lambda Literary)

My Review of ‘The Inverted Gaze: Queering the French Literary Classics in America’ By François Cusset (Lambda Literary)




A Conversation with Poet and Physicist Agnes Vojta

Dandylion Riot: An Interview with Poet and Artist Jeanette Powers

When I Was a Girl Like Me: An Interview With Poet Margaret Bazzell-Crocker

Leadwood: A Conversation with Poet Daniel Crocker

First-Hand Accounts From Made-Up Places: An Interview With Poet Mike James

Letting the Meat Rest: A Conversation With Poet John Dorsey

The Incredible Bipolar Hulk: A Conversation with Poet Daniel Crocker

The Very Southern Pronunciation Still Rings In My Ears: A Conversation With Poet Mike James

Snuffleupagus as Depression: A Conversation with Poet Daniel Crocker