The Problem With Gay Capital

It seems as though every week in the world of LGBT activism there is a new company that comes out as an enemy of the community. We immediately speak of boycotts, launch anti-company X groups on Facebook, and launch into personal declarations of “I’ll never shop there again” and “product X sucks anyway, product Y is much better”. The most recent corporation to be placed in the position of company X is Chick-Fil-A, which was exposed as having sponsored the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s “Art of Marriage” conference. Chick-Fil-A is a particularly transparent and accessible target for LGBT activists because they have made relatively no attempt to conceal the conservative Christian values of their founder S. Truitt Cathy or the conservative causes to which they have donated funds. Other corporations that have recently been the talk of an LGBT boycott include Target, Coors, and Domino’s for their donations to conservative lobbying organizations and think tanks. Yet, as we compile and edit our lists of boycotted companies versus “gay friendly” companies, the specific reasons why they merited their positions becomes obscured and ultimately they retain only the mere label of being good or bad for gays under the broad assumption that one political stance could be in the equal interest of all LGBT identifying individuals.

(Full article available on As It Ought To Be)


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